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In the last post, we looked at why shopping locally at your professional jewelry store benefits you as the buyer. We talked about the in-depth knowledge, security of purchase, after-sales care and professionalism you get when you shop local. Now let’s shift gears a little.

There is a much wider reason for why you may choose to shop locally. In one word, it’s “community”. What do we mean by that? We mean all of you – our residents, our visitors and our local businesses and business people. People are, after all, what make each community unique.

Whether you buy a product or a service, when you shop locally you are supporting the jobs, infrastructure, prosperity and future of your own area. It sounds a little obvious, but buying from your neighbor has definitive advantages to more than just the immediate buyer and seller.

If you’re a local business owner, shopping locally can, and often does, result in reciprocal business. People spend with those people who support them, so not only does supporting local business benefit everyone economically, it’s also great PR for your own business!

Let’s take this to the next level: every local purchase has ripple effects beyond just the people and businesses involved. When you shop locally, you’re increasing the tax revenue for your area and that benefits your schools, roads, parks, and other local amenities. Simply put, shopping local is good for everyone!

Now, we’re not suggesting that everything has to be bought locally – that would be a little unrealistic. The decision to buy local has to make sense. Our philosophy is that if you can buy locally and if that local experience is competitive and better (see Part One), why not support the wider community at the same time?

Established in 1985, Thomas Hunn Jewelers is the oldest jewelry shop in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. We care about our customers and our community and our bottom line is your satisfaction. We’re also extremely lucky to employ amazing staff who are, of course, local, and who we encourage to shop locally too so that we all do our part to make things better for everyone. We are proud to support our local area and people with jobs, income and benefits.

We look forward to being your local jeweler! Please stop by our store or give us a call anytime. We hope to be able to serve you soon! 

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