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It’s no secret – we live in a world where we can buy most things online. Online shopping has also become more prominent recently due to mobility restrictions. But while there is certainly something to be said for the convenience of home shopping and delivery, you, as the customer, can miss out on the overall experience. 

Buying jewelry is not just about acquiring the “thing” – it’s very much about the experience. We at Thomas Hunn want to give you that experience and we pride ourselves on the in-store experience we offer our customers. Here are some reasons why it’s simply just better to shop at your local jewelry store.

When it comes to knowledge, expertise, advice, after-sales care, knowing the customer’s likes and dislikes and the overall experience of jewelry buying, you simply cannot beat dealing with an expert jeweler at a physical, local store. Not only is the overall experience of entering an attractive store and being surrounded by beautiful, shiny objects better, it’s actually more advantageous for you as the customer. Let us tell you why. 

Jewelry is a very visceral thing – it evokes emotion. As a luxury item, jewelry needs to be touched and handled to be properly enjoyed and evaluated. When was the last time you showed someone a new piece and they didn’t actually reach out to touch it? There’s a “weight” or “gravitas” to quality jewelry that you can’t experience when looking at a computer screen. There’s also nuance to how the piece fits you and makes you feel when you touch or wear it.

It is this “experience” that online providers simply cannot deliver. From the warm, personal greeting you’ll receive upon entering the store, to the sales care and friendly conversation you’ll experience from our seasoned staff, it’s just … better. Remember, too, that with the tools and resources we have in-store, buying from a real jeweler and not simply a “retailer” is the difference between having an expert friend advise you and “going-in blind”. Why take all the risk when the proper help is available?

We’re not about scare tactics, but we do know (as will you) that we can’t always trust what we’re told. Buying jewelry can amount to a significant purchase for you and you’ll want to be sure you are getting what you pay for. Diamonds, for example, are often graded for “the 4-C’s”, but did you know that there are differences in how diamonds are graded and by who? One grader’s SI1-F may be another’s SI2-H. It may not seem like a lot but it can be the difference between hundreds or even thousands of dollars in actual value depending on who graded the stone or how it was graded. We’re experts in the field and have worked hard over the years to gain our customers’ trust.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that we have a large amount of in-store inventory that moves very quickly, meaning that it’s often not possible for us to keep it all online. The old adage that the “early bird gets the worm” applies here since this means that our store clients get the pick of the crop. For this reason, popping into our store from time-to-time to take a look will always put you at an advantage of seeing our latest arrivals and most popular pieces first. 

Then there are the very practical reasons for shopping in person: rings need to be sized, stones need to be checked or cleaned and mountings need to be shored-up for some pieces where stones are changed. Will you see one ring and prefer a different stone? Will that piece you love need a small change to make it perfect? Can we make alterations to facilitate fit with other items? None of this happens when you buy online.

Our website is here to help our clients find jewelry and ideas. We can order in and show matching items we have “in the case”. Our mission is to be your professional jeweler, not just a “shop”. That’s where our value lies and it is a value that gets you the best items at the right price.

Simply put, when buying locally, you have a point of contact. You have someone to talk to if there’s an issue or if you have a question. “Can you recommend a piece that would suit my wife’s ring that I bought last year?” Yes. We can. We’re familiar with all your wife’s pieces. We know her wish-list. We know what she looks at when she’s here, so yes, we absolutely can!

Last but not least: let’s talk about price. Don’t be fooled into thinking online jewelry is cheaper. It invariably is not. It is, simply, different. We know you’re spending your hard-earned cash so getting exactly what you want and what you pay for is just as important to us as it is to you. We take the same care with the smallest gift as we do with the larger ones. We put in the same effort for both since we want you, our customer, to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. 

In our next article we’ll look at what the advantages are for our community when we shop locally. We are passionate about our community and we know you are too! Until next time …

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