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We’ve all been there. It’s getting close to the big day and we haven’t found the right gift for that special person. We inevitably end up thinking: I should have done this sooner. But this year, there’s an even more compelling reason why you should consider buying your gifts early.

We’ve all had a lot on our minds this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has caused supply issues all over the world, not just here in the US. This means that a lot of jewelry suppliers who rely on raw materials, digital services, cutting, polishing and/or finishing services are seeing longer wait times for their jewelry to become available. We’ve seen some manufacturers quoting wait times for orders two or three times the usual, so if 2-3 weeks is the norm, longer wait times are a distinct possibility this year. 

Avoid this type of disappointment by coming in to visit us earlier this year – we’re ready for you!  We have an incredible selection of jewelry already in-store for you to choose from, and if you come in now and don’t see exactly what you need, there’s still time for us to order it in for you. Shopping early gives you the peace of mind knowing you’ve selected the perfect gift from the widest number of choices and it lessens the possibility of being disappointed by international (or even national) supply delays.

What about this for another good reason for shopping early this year? It’s always smart to have a plan – and a budget – when doing your Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping can leave you frazzled at the best of times and can cause financial worry if you’re feeling pressured to buy at the last minute. We can help reduce some of the stress of the holidays by offering two types of financing for your purchases, namely, traditional and layaway. 

You’ll probably be familiar with traditional financing as it’s how we often buy houses, cars and other big-ticket items. It allows us to buy and receive an item now and pay for it over time, usually with some level of interest added on. Layaway on the other hand is a purchasing method in which you select the item you want now, put a deposit down and we set it aside for you. You then make payments towards the balance over the course of the following weeks or months so that you have the item paid off in time for Christmas. 

Financing in either of these 2 ways is a great way to plan your finances since it forces you to put aside a specific amount each week or month, and it guarantees that you get that perfect gift now without running the risk of it no longer being available in the final days leading up to Christmas. 

As you can see, shopping early this Christmas is just plain smart. Avoid that last-minute buying frenzy and let us help you find that perfect gift now. Stop by our store or give us a call at 970-241-3399. We’re always happy to help!

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