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Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days on our calendar and we love celebrating it! Its origins can be traced all the way back to ancient Rome and the festival of “Lupercalia”, which was held mid-February and celebrated both fertility and the coming of spring. In more modern times, Valentine’s Day has been the domain of lovers, and those without a second half have often felt left out. But times are changing, and so are these old traditions. We are now seeing Valentine’s Day celebrated on a much larger scale, and not reserved just for those in intimate relationships. Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone, friends or family, we’ve got you covered when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. We have a perfect piece of jewelry to let everyone in your life – whether it be your special someone, a friend or a member of your family – know that you care! 

This year, we’ve brought in a huge array of special inventory for Valentine’s Day. We’ve just returned from one of our biggest buying shows of the year and we found some incredible pieces that’ll be in store in time for your Valentine’s shopping, so early February is one of those times of the year where you’ll find our jewelry cases full to the brim with fantastic jewelry ideas. We have kept in mind that not everyone will be celebrating with an intimate partner, and have chosen our inventory accordingly. 

For the traditional lovers, there are, of course, the well-loved heart-shaped pieces, along with  diamond pendants and studs, amazing drops and 3-stone jewelry, as well as Pave pieces (the word comes from the French word “pavé”, which means cobblestone pavement, so these pieces consist of lots of small stones next to each other making for an “iced-out” appearance). Drop in a gemstone, like a ruby signifying the passion you feel, or a sapphire that matches her eyes, and you can’t go wrong. For that special guy in your life, we have a fantastic selection of watches and male-inspired pieces in gold, silver, titanium, steel and even tungsten available.

If you’re shopping for a friend or member of your family, we have some great choices, like funky rings, earrings and bracelets that we’re sure will light up the recipient’s face. We can make a choice together that’s highly personal and unique to whoever you have chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. If your Valentines is also a February baby, perhaps cool Amethyst would work as it’s also the traditional birthstone for the month. We can certainly find a piece that does double-duty this year.

When all is said and done, Valentine’s Day is no longer just for those passionate lovers you see in old movies – it’s for everyone! Come by the store and let us help you pick out the perfect piece for whoever you’ve chosen to be your Valentine this year. 

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