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We sailed into summer at the end of last month, and now it’s time to pick up the pace and jump into July. July is synonymous with the height of summer and celebration, and we have a lot to celebrate, starting with July 4th! How are you spending your day? We plan on having a little fun in the sun, so we’ll be closed Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd for an extended celebration.

So, we know that rubies are red, violets are blue, right? well, not exactly … The violet part is true, but did you know that not all rubies are red? Rubies come in a variety of shades, from the standout “pigeon-blood red” that most people associate with the stone to more subtle shades of pink which are just as spectacular. Whichever color appeals to you the most, every girl needs a stunning ruby in her jewelry collection, and we can help! 

Why rubies? Well, first off, ruby is the traditional birthstone for July. Red is synonymous with heat, the summer sun and even the red in our flag, just in time for July 4th. While we watch the sky light up with fireworks this July 4th weekend, think about lighting up your favorite outfit with incredible gemstone jewelry.

We have a huge selection of fantastic pieces for you to treat yourself or that special someone to this month. How about doing a little red, white and blue in honor of our nation’s birthday (and because it looks awesome!)? Mix ruby, sapphire and white gold or diamonds to sport a stunning patriotic look. You can mix and match earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets – the sky’s the limit! 

Remember, we are known for our custom work too. Tell our amazing artists what you want, perhaps incorporating a ruby, and we’ll make you a custom, one-of-a-kind piece that captures the colors of the July 4th fireworks and that you can cherish forever. The choices are endless, and our master jewelers can create whatever you have in mind. Drop by and see us soon – we look forward to showing you around. 

Happy July 4th everyone!

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