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Why this April is Extra-Special at Thomas Hunn Jewelers.

We have lots to talk about this month but not much space to do it in! First and foremost, welcome to our new website! We’re so excited to present you with this new and improved version of our website, as it contains all the info you need, plus more about your favorite store, so please be sure to take a look around. 

Our goal was to update the site to be familiar but at the same time, more accessible, easier to navigate, with new info, and lots more! When you’re taking a look around, don’t forget to click on our new content to see what’s new and, also, remember that our blog has now been going for years and all our old blogs are accessible from our new site, so if you are looking for additional information or simply want to reminisce, now’s the time to take a look! 

One of the major upgrades to the site is our custom jewelry section. Custom design is one of our major strengths here at Thomas Hunn Jewelers, so we have now taken the opportunity with our new site to enhance the visibility of our special skills in this area. There’s a new gallery (one on this page too) with some pieces for you to have a look at and help you figure out if custom is right for you!

Our custom design team is second to none. We’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating that we can produce just about anything you can dream of. Sometimes, our customers have exacting instructions which we carry out to a tee, while others just have a general idea, leaving us to fill in and fine tune the details. We love working with people to create one-of-kind pieces that are not only jewelry but are art. These pieces are bound to become family heirlooms for generations to come.

One aspect of custom design that may tend to put people off is cost. There is a misconception that custom jewelry is prohibitively expensive, but that’s truly not the case. A bespoke and one-of-a-kind piece is likely to cost more than a mass-produced item (but not always, depending on the piece you are aiming for), but for the individuality and chance to tell a story with a unique piece that only you can take the credit for, you’ll find custom jewelry to be very reasonable. For more details, try our custom helper here on our new website, give us a call or drop by the store to speak with one of our custom design experts. 

Outside our new site, focus on custom design and all the usual goings-on in the store, remember that April is diamond month! As the traditional gemstone for April, diamonds stand apart in the world of gems as the only “single element” (carbon) member and the one that is undoubtedly the most famous. From flawless examples to colored diamonds, to more technical stones and more, we know our diamonds! Don’t think that “the 4-c’s” (color, clarity, cut, and carat) are the only things to know – there’s a lot more to it than that and that’s why you need our expert team. We’re here to empower you with all the information and options so you choose the perfect stone!

Let us know what you think about the new site. Drop us a line with your comments. Give our custom helper a try to start your custom journey. Or even better, drop into the store this April, have a look around and come and chat with us!

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