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Ready to make a splash with your jewelry choices this month? Well, we have the stone for you! October’s traditional birthstone is Opal, and it’s a stunner. The best part? We’re having an amazing sale on select in-store opal jewelry throughout October, just in time for your October baby’s birthday gift, or for that little bit of retail therapy you’ve been holding off treating yourself to for awhile. 

Opals have been cherished for centuries by various civilizations. In ancient Rome, opals were highly prized and symbolized hope and purity. Romans believed that opals possessed the combined beauty of all gemstones, making them exceptionally valuable. It naturally followed that opal jewelry was often worn by royalty and nobility, signifying prestige and power.

Opals also played a significant role in the folklore and beliefs of indigenous cultures. For the Australian Aboriginal people, for example, opals were considered sacred and believed to embody the Creator’s rainbow spirit and were seen as a source of spiritual connection and were used in rituals and ceremonies. The cultural importance of opal in indigenous traditions highlights its deep-rooted historical significance.

For those of us with an eye for jewelry, it’s opal’s ability to display a stunning play of colors, known as “play-of-color,” that is the most captivating characteristic of this stone. Each stone is unique and so very beautiful in its own right. It’s no wonder that this stone has often been linked to magical and mystical qualities, contributing to its allure and historical importance in the realm of gemstone jewelry.

Whether you’re looking at purchasing the perfect piece of Fall jewelry for yourself – think: accessorizing that fun Halloween costume – or for someone else, you can’t go wrong with opal! Come in to the store and take a look at our extensive inventory of opal jewelry. There’s something for everyone, and with 15-25% off select in store opal jewelry, your wallet will thank you for it!

Don’t forget that we are renowned for our gorgeous custom jewelry work and we’d love to talk to you about a specific custom-designed piece. Whether it be a piece that incorporates an opal or another one of your favorite gemstones, we’d love to work with you to make your vision a reality. We have plenty of time before Christmas, so if a piece of custom jewelry is on your shopping list, come in and see us now. We can create something truly unique for you or that special someone that will be handed down for generations to come. It’s a great way to include your favorite gemstone in something that nobody else – anywhere – will have!

Before we go, we just wanted to remind you that we have different finance plans available, including layaway, for your Christmas purchases. You can make January a little easier and get a head start on Christmas and the New Year with a little early shopping with Thomas Hunn Jewelers. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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