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We all know how fast it happens. One minute we’re celebrating Halloween and the next thing you know, there’s not enough time in the day for us to do all our regular daily tasks AND get ready for the upcoming holidays. We always want to do a good job planning the holidays, as they are, after all, a time to gather with our family and closest friends and we want to impress, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and tired when you think about all you have to do. Well, we can help. Set aside a few hours with us in our store one morning or afternoon, and we guarantee we can help you find those perfect gifts for all those people on your list that you may never have even thought of!  

This year, get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping at Thomas Hunn. Our store is set up to provide a relaxing, completely pressure-free zone where you can take a deep breath from the hustle and bustle going on outside and at home, and calmly consider all your options. We love helping people find that perfect gift and, at this time of year, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for as we’ve made sure that we have our maximum amount of inventory in, in anticipation of the rush. We’ve been getting ready for these few weeks for months precisely to take the pressure and guesswork out of your gift buying. Also, if you come in now, you can snap up that gorgeous gift and put it on layaway with a deposit, and then pay for it gradually over the weeks leading up to Christmas. This helps take a little bit of pressure off your pocket book also. 

November is a great month to get a jump-start on Christmas and especially if you’re thinking custom (or repair – we’ll get to that). Have you had this vision in your mind of a very particular piece of jewelry for a special loved one for ages that you have yet to actually see in a store? We’re known for our custom work and there’s still time for us to craft something that’s not just unique, but absolutely spectacular, along the lines that you’ve been imagining all this time. Imagine gifting that special someone a piece of jewelry that speaks to the recipient as an individual and that they will cherish forever. We still have time, so pop in soon so we can get started!

We mentioned repair: it is worth saying that December is not the greatest time to schedule your repairs as our team is generally working at full capacity to get everyone covered for the festive season. So, if you have some repairs you need done, November is an excellent time for us to do them and get them ready for you to wear over the holidays. Or … the refurbishment and repair of an older heirloom piece of jewelry that you have been wondering what to do with can make a lovely gift too (hint, hing, nudge nudge!).

We mustn’t forget our November babies either. Citrine is the birthstone for November and as this time of year when people wish each other good luck and prosperity, it is the ideal gift since it is famed for bringing wealth and prosperity. This unusual and radiant gemstone always attracts attention and we have ample citrine pieces in stock to help you fulfill your November birthday shopping list (plus thousands of items we can get for you quickly) so come on in and let’s find that perfect birthday gift.

So let’s all have a vibrant, but relaxed November, and remember that even though it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, it will all get done. We’re here to take the pressure off, so take advantage of our expertise and wide range of jewelry to make your November that tiny bit more chilled. You won’t regret it! We hope to see you in store soon. 

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