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Not sure where to start? We can help

This easy, 3-minute tool shows you steps to start your custom journey. Answer the questions and you’ll get an overview of your project and you can even send it to us for further discussion.

The very roots of our business lie in custom design, which is where our company began in 1985. It is our privilege to bring your design to life, from the drawing board to the final, shining product. It is our dream to make your dream a reality, and we have been living the dream since the inception of our company.

Design Concept

From your idea to a drawing and even a computer rendering, the finalized design is created out of special materials for casting on your preferred metal

Finished Product

From the casting, our goldsmiths and gemologists cut, refine, polish and set to make your piece shine. You now have a “one-of-one”, a piece-unique that will be handed down for generations.

Start making your dreams a realty!

Custom jewelry takes many forms. Often, custom designs celebrate a milestone, event or important connection for the wearer. Obviously, with so many different people, places, interests, and events in the world, custom jewelry will always ne needed to properly address such specific and individual needs.

Custom design is a journey for both you and us. It is a uniquely collaborative process, combining your vision with our knowledge. We ensure that the finished piece properly fits what you were looking for, but can also still perform for everyday use and wear. This is where form meets function, and only custom designers with skill and experience can make this happen.

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