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We hope you had an amazing holiday season and have been enjoying the turkey leftovers! We had a wonderful few weeks and want to thank all our customers, friends and family for shopping with us. We now need a vacation from the vacation! We’re sure you probably feel that way as well. Although we’re all now starting to settle back into our normal routines, we hope that the memories made over this holiday season last a lifetime. 

So, on to 2023! We plan on bringing it in with a bang as we will be attending one of the biggest  jewelry shows around at the end of January, all for the purpose of restocking our store with the latest of the latest in jewelry fashion. We’ll be bringing in more of those classic pieces that never go out of style, but are really excited to see what fresh ideas our manufacturers and their designers have dreamt up for the new year. If you have any special requests, now’s the time to let us know – tell us what you want and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for it at the show. 

For those who received new jewelry for Christmas (congratulations, and we hope you love it!), you may have also taken the opportunity to take a peek at your current jewelry collection and found some older, beloved pieces that may need a little TLC. Well, now’s the time to do it as the Christmas rush has passed and our goldsmiths are ready to take in any repairs, resizing or rejigging of your new pieces or on your older pieces so that you can breathe new life into these pieces from the past and start wearing them again. It is recommended that you periodically have your favorite pieces checked by our goldsmiths since they can often avoid problems by detecting the early warning signs before an actual break occurs. Our expert eyes can detect issues that may result in you keeping your piece and (Heaven forbid) avoiding a disastrous loss of a valuable piece of jewelry. Everything gets a little tired when it is used, including jewelry, so let us take a look at what you have in that jewelry box so we can secure it, renew it or repair it so it’s ready to wear again in 2023. 

Now would also be a great time to sit down with our bench jewelers to design that fancy custom piece that you’ve always had in mind. Remember that with custom, you are 100% in charge of the design and direction of the piece. We can make a custom piece from scratch or renew and redesign an older piece that you may already have to make it more relevant to today’s (and your) style. Love that stone in that heirloom piece your grandmother left you, but not keen on the setting? Bring it in and we can give it a new lease on life while also maintaining its essence so you can continue to honor your loved one by wearing it. 

So, with that, we would love to welcome you into our store this January so we can help you make 2023 the best year yet. We’ll have new items to “wow” you with, and as always, top-notch customer service that gives you the security of knowing that what you are buying is backed by our good name. 

We wish you all a very Happy New Year, health and prosperity, and look forward to seeing you in our store soon. 

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