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    Jewelry is more than a pretty bauble  — each piece is a memory, representative of everything from a graduation to a child's birth, and can serve as a steadfast symbol of commitment and enduring love. Jewelry carries meaning, heartfelt and joyously given. We’re here to help you find the perfect piece to express the things you can’t say in  a gift that will last a lifetime.

    Quality Jewelry at competitive prices

    Custom Design Every Step of the Way

    As a jewelry store with an affinity for and the capability of custom design and manufacturing, Thomas Hunn Jewelers understands the importance of crafting a piece unique to you. We take pride in the quality, beauty, and durability of our custom pieces, and are excited to work side by side with you throughout the entire creative process.

    Custom Jewelrydesigned with care

    Shop Local in Grand Junction, CO

    Established in 1985, Thomas Hunn Jewelers is the oldest jewelry shop in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. We care about our customers and our community, and our bottom line is your satisfaction. Each piece in our store has either been hand-picked or hand-crafted by our jewelers, who manufacture and repair jewelry in-house.

    We’re at Your Service

    Our jewelers and associates are here to answer your questions and to help you find the perfect piece for any occasion! Providing fast, friendly, and reliable service is of the utmost importance to ensure that your entire experience is satisfactory.

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